Emi Blomster joined the Hope House staff in October 2020. Emi graduated from Colorado Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. Throughout college, she accumulated a wide variety of experiences working in food service at a nursing home, patient transport at a medical center, teaching horseback riding and coaching high school soccer. As a leader on her college soccer team for three years, Emi learned the importance of teamwork, communication and building trust in relationships, all of which she feels have prepared her well for her work at Hope House. Prior to her role as volunteer manager, Emi worked as a residential advisor at Hope House where she was able to cultivate relationships with teen moms and their children who were living at the residential house. As volunteer manager, she enjoys meeting volunteers and seeing how their skills and interests can assist the staff at Hope House and impact the growth of teen moms who are working hard to reach their goals. Emi is a Texas native and enjoys playing soccer, horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding in her free time.