With all of the festivity and fun that the holidays bring, it’s hard for me to hear that so many of our teen moms are struggling.

The number of teen moms applying to Hope House has tripled since we opened the doors to our new Resource Center in September – and a lot of them are hurting.

One of our teen moms is living in an extended-stay motel, trying to escape an abusive family member, and the rent is due. Another was in a car accident and needs an immediate car repair in order to keep her job. A third is choosing between paying the heating bill or buying diapers.

One of the biggest blessings we offer at Hope House is the ability to remove these barriers through our Direct Assistance fund. This doesn’t just pay a bill. It gives her room to breathe.

The challenge is that with so many new moms, our Direct Assistance fund is almost exhausted. Your year-end gift can help us meet these crisis needs our girls are facing now… and through the winter.

Being in a motel during Christmas can be pretty lonely, but the good news is that thanks to your support, our teen moms can come to Hope House for help – but more than that, for warmth, food, and friendship.  Thank you for caring for our girls as much as we do.