Todd Borth LeadBoat Challenge Fundraiser

Todd wants you to be a big part of his fundraising efforts this year. When you give a $1 to Hope House, Todd and Neisen Borth Insurance are committed to making your donation go farther with a total of $3 going to Hope House. When you give $100, a total of $300 will go toward the mission of empowering teen moms on their path to self-sufficiency. When you give $500, your donation becomes $1500, and so on and so forth.


Join Todd and Neisen Borth Insurance in raising money for teen moms at Hope House! You can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount, just click the DONATE link below. Be sure to mark ‘Todd Borth LeadBoat Challenge‘ in the Gift Preferences section on the donation page to ensure your gift goes farther!

LeadBoat Challenge

The LeadBoat is the ultimate challenge – cyclists must race in back-to-back events completing a 106-mile mountain bike race less than 24 hours before beginning a 144-mile gravel race. These two arduous endurance races take place in the Rocky Mountains on the same weekend (August 14th & 15th). While Todd Borth has routinely raised money for Hope House through racing the Leadville Trail 100 MTB, this year he has set out to complete both races back-to-back.

You can track Todd’s gravel race on Sunday, August 15th HERE