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Our Programs

Hope House is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, GED, and College & Career Support programs. Additional supportive services include parenting and life skills classes, healthy relationship classes, and certified counseling, all designed to prepare them for long-term independence.

Residential Program

Hope House of Colorado’s Residential Program offers a safe, stable home for single teen moms and their children who are homeless or living in an unsafe environment. The structured program empowers and equips parenting teen moms as they move toward personal and economic self-sufficiency. The teen moms learn to incorporate healthy routines into daily life while living with their children and their peers in a safe environment. Education is foundational to the program, with all participants earning a GED and moving on to further education as well as participating in our parenting and life skills classes, healthy relationships classes, and certified counseling as necessary. Teen moms can apply for the Residential Program by clicking here.

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A View Inside The Hope House Residential Program from Hope House of Colorado on Vimeo. Produced by the City of Arvada.

Community Program

We offer a variety of components designed to help teen moms become self-sufficient members of their community who are also nurturing, loving parents. We offer a menu-style approach to services that allows our teen moms to define their own goals and then select the components that will help them reach those goals. Teen moms can apply for the Community Program by clicking here.

• GED Program 
The GED Program helps parenting teen moms take a vital step toward self-sufficiency by earning their GED. Because this program features one-on-one instruction and tutoring versus a classroom model, it has an 80% graduation rate. Teen moms move at their own pace, which is important as our average participant has achieved a 9th grade level of education. Career assessment is provided after GED certification is achieved; we also provide assistance with moving toward further education or career training. In addition, Hope House also covers the cost of the GED testing.

• College & Career Program 
The College & Career Program offers practical support to teen moms who are in college or vocational school. Free tutoring as well as free access to computers and printers is provided as well as assistance with applying for school entrance, financial assistance and Pell grants. Career-oriented services are also provided, including workshops on resume writing, interview preparation, computer program skills class, a Job Readiness seminar and more.

• Parenting Classes
• Healthy Relationships Classes

• Financial Literacy Workshops
• Life Skills Classes
• Certified Counseling

• In-Kind Donations
• Career Partner Program

A Career Partner hires a Hope House teen mom as an intern, providing her with structured skill development as well as professional coaching. The Career Partner is also prepared to offer flexibility, which can be a crucial step in the young mom’s overall success. The reason is simple:  when teen moms first find full-time employment, they often need “space” to address issues such as reliable transportation and childcare – issues a teen mom who is consumed with the stress of finding employment simply cannot address.  At the end of the internship, the Career Partner may hire the teen mom on a permanent basis. Other options include referring the teen mom to other potential employers.
• Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities
• Social Activities

• Early Learning (For children of active teen moms) Watch our Early Learning Video!

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The Story of Hope: The Journey of a Teen Mom

The Story of Hope, a curriculum that focuses on Healthy Relationships and teen moms, was written by Hope House staff member Trisha Daly and former staff member Robin Scott. Frustrated that they were unable to find any curriculum that engaged the teen moms, Daly and Scott realized that available curriculum was either written for teenagers or for parents, but nothing was available that addressed parents who were also teenagers.

Therefore, Daly and Scott decided to write their own curriculum and make it compelling by creating a story featuring a character that the teens could follow – and hopefully connect to in a  relevant way.

“That was the hook that worked,” says Daly. “Our teens don’t learn if they feel like they are being lectured to, but through our book they connect to and learn from a teen mom named Hope as they follow her journey.”

The Story of Hope is based on a unique approach to develop books with applicable lessons as the reader journeys along with the characters. Daly and Scott believe that most struggling or hurting people can find the answers inside themselves, that God loves people and speaks to them in many ways, and that people can find Truth through their suffering.

The Story of Hope: The Journey of a Teen Mom, is published by Journey Concept and is available for purchase at Amazon

Trisha Daly has a Masters in Human Services Counseling from Regent University. She worked for many years at a crisis pregnancy center before moving to Nashville, where she worked for three years as a children’s counselor in a domestic violence shelter.

During that time she also worked at a women’s prison leading groups on domestic violence and parenting. Trisha began working at Hope House five years ago and now currently practices counseling with residential and community teen moms as a state-registered psychotherapist. She is experienced in domestic violence issues and family counseling and continues to work on curriculum development.


Robin Scott has worked as the Coordinator for CASA of Adams County and Broomfield and as a counselor at a pregnancy crisis center. She was also the first employee of Hope House of Colorado, serving as a Residential Counselor in 2003. She was then named the House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator before becoming House Director in 2008.

These experiences, along with her personal experience as a former teen mom, made her uniquely qualified for her next role as the Supportive Services Manager, where she coordinated services for all clients and provided overall supervision of the GED Program. Robin has assisted dozens of Hope House clients through the complicated process of accessing government services and developed a vast network of connections to other community resources. She recently retired from Hope House to open a new business venture with her husband and to continue her professional interest in curriculum development.


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The Story of Hope: The Journey of a Teen Mom, is published by Journey Concept and is available for purchase at Amazon.