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It’s FINALLY happening!! We are moving into our new Resource Center next month! We’ll celebrate the end of a six-year building project and the beginning of a whole new era for our teen moms and their little ones. I am excited and nervous and grateful all at once!

It has taken longer than I expected, but in His time, God provided exactly what we needed each step of the way. He has grown amazing relationships with our builders, and He has moved the hearts of our champions to such extraordinary generosity that we have completely paid for the building and will move in debt free!

I remember moving into our Residential home in 2006 after a long building project and the joy God gave us as we watched little ones racing up and down the hall and giggling wildly. This time around I think I may cry when I finally see that beautiful, sunlit dining room filled with teen moms and little ones, staff and volunteers, all talking and laughing and eating together as one big family!

We are here today because of you, our champions! You believed in our teen moms. You invested in them and the future they are building for their children.

You’ve made a tangible difference for girls like Jade, who grew up in a home marked by mental illness. Shuttled between family and friends, and finally placed in foster care, Jade attended eight different high schools. Yet she managed to graduate at age 17, and on that very day she moved out of her foster care home and in with a friend. When that home became unstable, she moved in with a boy.

By age 18, Jade was pregnant and trapped in a desperately abusive relationship. When her son Dario was just two months old, they escaped in the middle of the night and fled to an aunt’s house.

At about the same time, Jade’s younger sister, who was living in a different foster home, just happened to start volunteering at Hope House!  Soon she brought Jade in to apply, and within days our Legal Advocate was helping her sort out custody, and our Parenting Educator was helping her build a parenting plan.

But it wasn’t until Jade tragically lost her second baby at birth that she says she really found out what Hope House is about. We sat with her, brought meals, offered grief counseling – we did what we do best – we loved her. Jade wasn’t experiencing that support anywhere else – and she said she finally realized then what family really means.

Today Jade is one of our best ambassadors, and she can’t wait to bring more teen moms to the new building where we will be able to serve 450 teen moms annually!

This is an extraordinary moment, and I am going to ask a most extraordinary thing. Will you help us raise more money than we have ever raised before through a written letter? Will you help us raise $100,000 by August 10th for Jade and the many, many more teen moms who will come to us needing education, help with parenting, guidance with relationships, and so much more?

Please stand with us in the doorframe of this new building and help us welcome our girls with the most important thing we offer – a place to belong and be loved!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for being part of our journey to this new place. I am forever grateful to God for each one of you.


Lisa Steven, Founder & Executive Director

P.S. Mark your calendars for our Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday, September 5, from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m!

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