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How God is Building a New Resource Center:

Welcome to God Stories.  As you may already know, God brought many people and circumstances together that allowed Hope House to acquire a residential home and open its doors over a decade ago.

Now that Hope House serves over 180 teen moms and 270 kids every year, God is at work again. As He leads us in building a new Resource Center and an Early Learning Center that will allow Hope House to triple the number of teen moms served every year, it is our pleasure to share how He is once again moving in miraculous ways. Welcome to God Stories.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1

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God is in Control… Right Down to the Ditches! 1.5


God is in Control… Right Down to the Ditches!

I recently received an email informing me that the construction company relocating the irrigation ditch that runs through our property had discovered a huge problem — they laid the irrigation pipe TWO FEET too deep, meaning that the new pipe would not connect with the old pipe entrance on Benton street.

Soon everyone was finger pointing! The ditch construction company said it was the surveyor’s fault, and the surveyor said it was wrong on the drawings – and I was pretty sure that Hope House would end up paying for a $25,000 mistake – or in litigation! I wrote the prayer team right away and asked them to pray for a miraculous resolution to this problem.

Three days later the ditch construction company took full responsibility for the mistake and said that they would make it right at no cost to Hope House!

They also said they couldn’t get back to this project for three weeks, which pushed back our groundbreaking schedule — I was so relieved, I almost didn’t mind the delay! However, the very next morning, the big tractors were back in action. Another job had cancelled and the ditch construction company was hard at work, keeping us on schedule and within budget for the ditch relocation!

Thank you for sharing in the excitement as we watch God build this Resource Center that will allow us to triple the number of teen moms we serve every year!