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Like everyone, when COVID-19 first hit, our teen moms were confused and alarmed. In less than two weeks 35% of them were financially impacted through job loss or schedule cuts.

But you wouldn’t let them fall.

Because of you, our teen moms and their children, for the most part, have been able to remain economically stable during COVID-19. You came around our girls in unprecedented ways. An outpouring of financial gifts allowed us to assist up to 67 girls a week with food assistance. You also helped 24 girls with their rent, keeping our young moms and children safe. You helped 49 with their bills, set up 19 with laptops or Chromebooks for schoolwork and repaired four cars. You helped four teen moms and their children find safe shelter during COVID in our residential home.

You, our champions, surrounded our vulnerable young moms and sheltered them from this storm.

Together, we kept our moms from going backward…

… Now we need to help them start moving forward again.

It has brought such joy to our staff to be able to see our teen moms and children in person again, as we ramp up cautiously, inviting them back to the Resource Center for one-on-one appointments and very small classes. It felt like old times when Gina showed up, waving her newly earned associate’s degree, excited to share her accomplishment with her Hope House family.

For three years Gina pushed through rough circumstances – from food deprivation, to family abuse, to needing a place to stay some nights. She came to Hope House for tutoring, hot meals, parenting and healthy relationships classes and sometimes a place to stay. She came because we are home to her, and I am incredibly grateful we were open when she came running in last week. We gathered our limited staff, found a graduation robe and cap, put on “Pomp and Circumstance” and celebrated our girl.

I’ve never been so moved by our teen mamas as I’ve been these past weeks. Even through increased anxiety and fear, they are determined to keep moving toward self-sufficiency, making a way for themselves and their children.

It is our goal to raise $40,000 for our College & Career program by August 15th. Please help us to meet this goal because our girls are going to college, pandemic or not! And you, our champions, will be there beside them, helping them over obstacles just like Gina’s, and celebrating their progress every step of the way.

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“I wanted to thank all of you for the amazing ceremony yesterday. It was honestly one of the best days of my life! Hope House is my second family and I am so happy I got to share that moment with you guys. I walked around all day with pure excitement and love for my life yesterday! Which has even carried on today, as I think of how blessed I am to have you guys by my side. I can’t believe that I progressed from a high school drop out with no plans for my future to a successful mother with a 2-year degree, and more to come!” – Gina

Gina completed her associate’s of science in biology at Red Rocks Community College in May 2020. Since she could not attend a graduation at the school, Gina stopped by Hope House to celebrate with staff. Her next steps are to attend the University of Colorado Denver to work toward her bachelor’s of science in biology. We are so proud of you, Gina!