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Imagine being just 9 years old and living with your family in an unheated, one-car garage. Like Kathryn, you might decide to run away.

Kathryn did indeed run — and when found, she was misdiagnosed as bipolar and heavily medicated. One day a therapist visited, and Kathryn kicked him. He pressed charges, and at the age of 10, Kathryn was put in handcuffs and arrested.

Because group homes were unavailable, Kathryn was booked into juvenile hall. When she went to court, she was shackled to a group of older offenders. Kathryn would spend the next two years in group homes and foster care.

When Kathryn was released, she returned to her family — and poverty. But she knew she was smart, and she believed God had given her strength. So Kathryn decided to change the trajectory of her life.

She began to take every job she could and started saving. At age 16, she bought herself a car. She also decided she wanted a job in the medical field, and in high school she took CNA classes and landed a surgical observatory internship.

Kathryn’s senior year presented a new challenge — she found herself pregnant. Morning sickness forced her to drop out of school. But she refused to give up her dreams. After Olivia was born, Kathryn entered the GED Program at Hope House. She also took our Parenting and Healthy Relationships Classes, determined to raise Olivia differently.

Today Kathryn is working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and with the support of our College & Career Program, she is working hard at community college so she can become a surgical technician — and self-sufficient! She has even put $3,000 into Olivia’s college fund – and Olivia isn’t even two years old yet!

“My daughter will not want for anything, whether it is going to camp or having ballet lessons.  She will go to college and she won’t live in fear. That is my promise to her.”       -Kathryn, age 19. 

Would you prayerfully consider making an investment in Kathryn and the 200 resilient, determined teen moms just like her that Hope House will serve this year? Our goal is to raise $55,000 for our College & Career Program by April 19, and your donation will be doubled, up to $25,000, due to a match from the Ideker Family Foundation!


Lisa Steven
Founder & Executive Director

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