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What motivates every single teen mom at Hope House? Her desire to create a better life
for her child — a life that is very different from the poverty and dysfunction that defined her own childhood.

How do we help these young women break that cycle of poverty and build a new life? We offer a variety of options, from our Residential Program to GED classes; from certified counseling to Parenting classes; from Healthy Relationships workshops to career development.

One of the best parts of career development at Hope House is helping our teen moms break barriers and pursue unexpected opportunities. Through our Cool Careers speaker series, field trips and job-shadowing opportunities, our girls are inspired to pursue careers they never even knew existed.

Take Candice, who became pregnant at just 16.  Struggling with severe morning sickness, she dropped out of school. When Carissa was born, Candice tried to make ends meet by working long hours in fast food, earning minimum wage and unable to support herself. Then a friend introduced her to Hope House, where she earned her GED and for the first time heard that God has a plan for her life. Next, with the support of our College & Career Program, Candice got a full-time job at Nestlé Purina. Promotions followed, and today Candice works in Quality Assurance.

I am endlessly inspired by our teen moms and their profound determination, and I absolutely love watching them grow in confidence as they explore the new worlds you help make possible.

As we prepare to move into our new building this summer, would you consider investing in our College & Career Program and empowering even more teen moms to pursue career paths that will change the lives of their children forever?

Our goal is to raise $60,000 by April 20, and your donation will be doubled, up to $25,000, thanks to a match from the Ideker Family Foundation! Please join me… together we can show these young women that God does have a plan for them – and for their little ones!

Lisa Steven

Lisa Steven, Founder & Executive Director

Scroll down and see where our teen moms are going as they break that vicious cycle and build beautiful, sustainable lives for themselves and their little ones!

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