(Above: Sarah, our first
Hope House baby, now 16!)

It’s hard to believe that Hope House is celebrating its Sweet 16! What an incredible journey, from the early days when our Residential Program welcomed our first two teen moms, to the soon-to-be-open Resource Center, where 450 teen moms a year will come to earn their GED, receive help with college and career, attend parenting and healthy relationship classes, and have access to quality childcare for their little ones while they work toward self-sufficiency.

In 16 years, we have watched our girls become medical and legal professionals, teachers, and business owners. They have married, bought their first homes, and become volunteers and monthly donors to Hope House. Our first Hope House baby, Sarah, recently turned 16!

Our programs are indeed amazing, but transformation doesn’t happen in a program. It happens in relationship with those who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself… who see you as God sees you, when you can’t see that for yourself. Our teen moms have been scarred by childhood trauma and left feeling completely alone. At Hope House they find hope, acceptance and relationship with our staff, volunteers, each other, and you – our champions. That’s transformational. That’s family.

In another 16 years, the cycle of poverty will truly have been broken – and the Hope House family will be celebrating a generation of Hope House children as they walk in their own high school graduation ceremonies!

Thank you for helping us change the future for two generations!

Lisa Steven
Founder & Executive Director


Because you gave…

  • 17 teen moms earned a high school equivalency certificate.
  • 94% of graduates moved on to our College & Career Program.
  • We celebrated out 200th GED graduate in 2018.


Did you know…
on average, Hope House teen moms earn their GED in 8.5 weeks — versus the national average of 6 months!

“One of my greatest accomplishments is going back and finishing high school. I am very proud of myself. I thought I would never finish, but I did it! I’m excited to start my next chapter of life.” –Alex.


Because you gave…

  • 107 teen moms served.

  • 38 teen moms enrolled in higher education programs.

  • 70 teen moms participated in Job Readiness/Career Development.

    Did you know…
    in 2018 Hope House teen moms were enrolled at 13 different institutions of higher education!

  • Community College of Denver

  • Community College of Aurora

  • Front Range Community College

  • Red Rocks Community College

  • Emily Griffith Technical College

  • Pima Medical Institute

  • Liberty University

  • Penn Foster

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • University of Colorado Denver

  • Colorado State University

  • AIMS Community College

  • Ultimate Medical Academy

Only 2% of teen moms earn a college degree. Our teen moms are beating that stat!  

When Hannah got pregnant in high school, she thought her college dreams were over. Instead, she found Hope House, left her abusive situation and earned an associate’s degree in college. Next up – a full ride to finish her bachelor’s degree!   


Because you gave…

  • 19 teen moms/graduates served.
  • 1 teen mom graduated.
  • 90 percent of Residential Program graduates reach stable levels of self-sufficiency within five years.

Did you know…
our Residential graduates are doing big things in the world! For example, Fendia our very first graduate,  is a managing LPN at an assisted living center. Her beautiful daughter Sarah is a junior in high school, where she is excelling!

    “I’ve discovered that Hope House isn’t just free resources or a place to live. It is my family and my community. I am not alone.”

    – Hope House graduate Trinity,
    speaking to a crowd of over 500
    at the Hope House Sweet 16 Gala.


    Because you gave…

    • 131 teen moms participated in our Parenting Classes.
    • 86 teen moms received individual coaching sessions.
    • 22 moms are actively involved in the Specialty Moms group, for moms with special needs kids.

    Did you know…
    safe children perform better in school, are more likely to become responsible citizens as adults, and are less likely to abuse or neglect their own children. Our parenting classes are changing two generations!

    “At Hope House I’m learning how to be a mom. Growing up I didn’t have a mother, so I am learning how.”

    –Aiyanna, age 16.


    “I love Hope House because it’s a community that wants teen moms to succeed. They help us with our goals. I am at Hope House all of the time… they are like family to me.”

    – Jenelle

    Because you gave…

    • 98 teen moms participated.
    • 44 teen moms received professional counseling.
    • Classes included Grief, Addictions, Story of Hope (relationships), and Sex Education Series.

    Did you know…
    we also provide counseling and play therapy for the kids of our teen moms when appropriate.


    Because you gave…

    • 157 children received Early Learning lessons.
    • 133 teen moms accessed this program for their children.
    • 82% of the children active in this
      program are on or above target in Social Emotional skills and 72% in Language.

    Did you know… learning how to access quality childcare is essential in order for our teen moms to reach self-sufficiency. Last year we helped 19 children successfully transition into quality childcare centers!

    “The teachers were so nice and I love it! Thank you so much for letting me know about the daycare spot. I would have lost my mind trying to find one! And I got a new job. I’m going to be a dietary aide at a nursing home!”

    – Mackenzie, thanking us for helping her find childcare for her son — which enabled her to find a sustainable job!



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    MAJOR CHAMPIONS ($5,000+)

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